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Looking for a sophisticated dance or club vibe but with the energy and originality of a live act?
Now you get all in one with Club Tiffany’s! Combining the cool beats of DJ Carlos de Leche’s extensive repertoire with live instrumentals and/or vocals, the result is classy and upmarket; the perfect sound for cocktails, upmarket functions, industry events and wedding receptions.

For wedding receptions, Club Tiffany's is the perfect add-on to Urban Gypsies, Alchemy, or Breakfast at Tiffany’s live music acts to transition into the dance segment of the night. You have the choice of the über-talented guitar improvisations of Gavin Libotte with either Guitarist Dieter Kleemann, Cellist Anatoli Torjinski, saxophone, percussion or with the sexy, sophisticated vocals of european jazz/lounge singer Niyati Parikh.
Take it away Carlos - DJ sets will never be the same again!

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