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Strolling through Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, you can be forgiven for thinking that a wellknown performer is giving an impromptu concert. Rising above the chaos of constant construction and stopping hurried shoppers and workers in their tracks, songs like Angels, or I’m Yours can be heard at every corner of the shopping precinct.

Track the music to its source and you’ll find that this omnipotent voice and mesmerising sound comes not from Robbie Williams or Jason Mraz, but from 21 year old singer/songwriter Joe Moore. 

Moore has been making his presence felt in his adopted town of Sydney by performing at venues such as: Lizottes in De Why, The Old Manly Boatshed, The Observer Hotel in The Rocks, O’Malleys in Kings Cross, The Sir Joseph Banks Hotel in Botany and a variety RSL clubs across NSW.

Joe's talent is more than just an outstanding voice. His own songs are more popular than the covers he plays and he is destined to be world renowned as both a writer and performer in years to come.

And while Pitt Street shoppers and passer-by's  will miss Joe's captivating performances, the chance to take his music to a new audience is one he is clutching with both hands.

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