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The Sound Crew has arrived!

Make your next big night unforgettable. Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, product launch, or just a big bash, The Sound Crew are your musical solution.

If you like the sound of a live band and the feel of the night club beat then we have the perfect mix for you.

Who are The Sound Crew?

The band is made up some Sydney's sharpest and hippest musicians. 

The Sound Crew is the next evolution of well known Sydney band "Soul Juice". Soul Juice themselves have been playing successfully  for a decade thoughout Australia and South East Asia. Their client list which includes BMW, Macquarie Bank, Price Waterhouse, Samsung and Coca Cola, has an extensive list of high end clients. They have played at endless weddings creating many amazing musical moments! Soul Juice have established themselves as seasoned professionals who know how to make an event a success.

So why the need to evolve?

People's tastes have changed. The nature of entertainment has changed.

Tradiitionally events bands have perfomed retro classics. Lots of soul, disco and rock and roll. The taste buds have changed. Nightclubs have become more mainstream. Artists such as Rhianna, Beyonce, Usher and Lady Ga Ga have taken the world by storm. People like to dance to club mixes and mashes.

The Sound Crew have taken all of this and brought it to the live format. We have developed a range of 'mashes' that blend songs together to keep the dancefloor pumping. No longer does one song end, the crowd waits, and then the next song starts. Using a DJ and dance grooves and loops we weave these mashes together so that the dance floor will be pumping like a music festival!

What songs do The Sound Crew perform?

Our songlist is a brilliant combination of old and new. There is no need to forget the past! There have been too many brilliant songs written for that to happen! We have chosen the grooviest tunes from artists soul and R&B artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince and James Brown, and then mashed their songs with today's artists such as Beyonce, Rhianna and the Black Eyed Peas.

How big is the band?

The Sound Crew has the ability to shrink and expand according to the needs of each individual event. 5 piece (singer, horn, bass, drums, guitar) through to 8 piece ( singer, 2 horns, keys, bass, drums, guitar and DJ!). Obviously the bigger the band - the more bigger the sound!

How long will you play for?

Typically at events we perform 2 x 50 minute dance sets. We can even include a lounge/jazz set for earlier in the evening if you like.

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