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Sydney-based classical guitar player, Duncan Gardiner, enjoys delivering a touch of magic to your wedding. Guitar is the ideal choice for those desiring to deliver an intimate, calming environment to their ceremony, pre-reception parties or occasion. Duncan can perform as a soloist, or in a duet with violin or flute. With songs to suit every inclination and costs to match any type of budget, Duncan invites you to book him and his associates for your Sydney occasion.

From a sturdy foundation as a classical artist, Duncan effortlessly branches out and discovers the exquisite sounds of the classic repertory; the amazing sounds of Latin America, the fiery noises of Flamenco, along with your favored pop songs.

Overlook the cost of a conventional strand trio or quartet since Duncan caters for couples that like the concept of having a guitar at your wedding celebration yet likewise enjoy the conventional, charming sounds of the violin, flute, etc. Duncan hand-picks talented musicians to perform duos with. With each of the duo combos you can be assured a trendy and sophisticated performance.

Your Wedding Ceremony
Duncan can provide some light background music 15-30 minutes before the actual start time of the ceremony to keep visitors delighted prior to the arrival of the bride-to-be. During the event he will play music for the processional, the finalising of the registry and also for the recessional. Depending on the attributes of your event, music might be played during unique 'candle-lighting' or 'oneness' process or to accompany the singing of hymns etc.

Usually a one-hour booking is sufficient to cover the event, however a lot of couples desire their visitors to continue to be amused complying with the ceremony for 30 mins or so. In the case where the reception goes to the exact same venue as the ceremony, many couples like Duncan to perform for the whole time between the ceremony and the reception.

Live pre-reception and reception songs is also coming to be well-liked with bride-to-bes desiring to add a live, personal touch to their events.

Your Music Choices
Together with Duncan, you will certainly discuss in detail the particular music varieties for your wedding. Generally you will be responsible for deciding on the music to go along with the official process throughout the event and the basic style of music to be played before and after these times. Nevertheless, Duncan will certainly be there every step of the way to offer expert and personal advice to make sure that you are 100 % happy with all of your music options.

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