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Not everyone’s first foray into film earns them a line that becomes a cultural phenomenon, but with the classic catchphrase, “You’re terrible Muriel”, Gabby Millgate was stamped into the national and international consciousness.

These three simple words are now recited by people from all over the world every day and, testament to their influence, when asked what he knew about Australian comedy, it was that line that perennial funny man Will Ferrel chose to quote.

But, of course, there is much more to Gabby than that that one line (or for the matter any of her others) as Joanie in Muriel’s Wedding.

After graduating from CSU in 1996 with a communications degree Gabby starred in and wrote sketch comedy on Full Frontal. She went on to make regular TV appearances on a host of other shows, including Celebrity Big Brother, Good News Week, McFeast Live, and The Bob Downe Show. In 1997, she made headlines at the Logies, where she goosed Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Ray Martin and John Saffran and offered “I’m not wearing any underpants” as an acceptance speech.

Throughout her career, Gabby has performed live in stand-up, cabaret and musicals. At the 2005 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, she played to over ten thousand people with Bob Downe in iBob.

Gabby has made a number of appearances on radio, having guested with Bill Shorton, Joe Hockey and Bob Brown on ABC Radio in Melbourne and been was a regular on 2GB with Ben Fordham. She even starred in her own commercial for LazyPatch Duvet suits. In 2006 SEAFM offered Gabby daily 4am starts, thanks to a push from Kyle Sandilands. Gabby did the show for two years, talking to everyone from truck drivers to the Prime Minister. Awards and nominations followed.

After Muriel’s Wedding, Gabby lent her voice to a character in Babe, Pig in the City (1998) and also appeared in Australian thriller, Feed. Gabby starred alongside Alex O’Loughlin and Jack Thompson wearing the largest fat suit in movie history. She also flexed her acting muscles on the small screen, appearing in iconic Australian series McLeod’s Daughters in 2003.


With 20 years improvising under her belt with Sydney Theatresports, Gabby relishes the unexpected and spontaneous. Gabby has taught improvisation and creativity workshops at Australia’s premier institutions; NIDA, NSW Education Department, Sydney University, Charles Sturt University, Sydney Talent Company and PACT

Youth Theatre.


It was her incredible sense of adventure that took Gabby to outback WA in 2009 where, whilst living in an aboriginal community outside Karratha, she presented Breakfast for ABC. Gabby formed close relationships within the community and worked at Roebourne Prison as an educational officer. Understanding cultural challenges, illiteracy, empowerment and friendship Gabby’s natural ability to communicate and connect gave her great job satisfaction. She also completed a commissioned musical for the Karratha Youth Theatre.

Gabby once again caught the public’s attention as the first female Prime Minister impersonator of Australia, the Unreal PM Julia Spillard… so named because of the spill that brought her to power. So fooled were ABC Radio FNQ listeners by Gabby’s impression that many rang in to question and talk to her. In true Gabby style, when faced with some impossible queries, she simply clarified: “I am an Unreal Prime Minister of an Unreal Australia with people in it, like you who are Unreal… I hope that answers your question.”

The Unreal Prime Minister Julia Spillard was a huge success and spawned a dedicated YouTube channel, Twitter account and numerous television and radio appearances for her creator, including on ABC sitcom At Home With Julia. Gabby was even a guest host for Sunrise7 on Election day 2010 alongside Rachel Finch, and had a “special moment” in Manly with the very real Tony Abbott, telling him  “Hello Tony…I’m Unreal…I’m going to put you on a slow boat to Naru with soggy luggage”.

18 years after Muriel’s wedding, and Australians are getting to know the real Gabby on much talked about celebrity weight loss show, Excess Baggage. Gabby is one of the first celebrities to actively engage with her twitter audience as the show goes to air. Gabby has been very candid about her struggles with weight in the past and, with the tweet “I’m a Lapbandian” revealed to the world that she has a Lap Band.

Gabby has thrown herself into the show and, in addition to losing weight and gaining physical confidence, cites belonging to Excess Baggage as an amazing time of self discovery, revelation, reconnection and most importantly, integrity.


In her spare time Gabby is an active member of the Twittersphere, makes videos and works on her passion projects. Gabby is currently single- although was briefly “kinda” married to a B105 Listener who “won” her in a competition. The relationship lasted longer than a Kardashian’s but not by much. Gabby is a dedicated aunt to niece, Violet (for whose birth she returned to Melbourne in 2010,) and, in addition to performing regular nannying duties, has even taken up knitting and crochet.


Although she has never been overseas, Gabby does in fact hold a current passport… After all, you never know when that sense of adventure might kick in again.

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