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In July 2010, Julia Gillard took over the reins of the Labour leadership to become the first female Prime Minister of Australia. But, with the emergence of the self-described 'Real' Julia also came the rise of her Unreal 'dopple-ranger', Julia Spillard. Named after the "Spill" that brought Julia Gillard to power, The Unreal Prime Minister Julia Spillard has taken the Australian political sphere by storm with Unreal policies for an Unreal Australia filled with Unreal Australian people.

During the run up to the 2010 election, Spillard's Unreal take on the real Prime Minister saw her launch a highly popular dedicated Youtube channel and Twitter account (@Julia_Spillard), which has now amassed more than 4000 followers. On Election Day itself, Julia Spillard was a guest host for Sunrise7 alongside Rachel Finch, and had a “special moment” in Manly with the very real Tony Abbott, promising him  “Hello Tony…I’m Unreal…I’m going to put you on a slow boat to Naru with soggy luggage”. 


Julia Spillard is frequently asked to share her Unreal political opinions with the nation and has been a featured guest on ACA9, 2UE, 2GB, MTR, ABC and Austereo right around the country. She has also appeared on the Channel 7's Sunrise, Channel 9's Today Show, and Breakfast on 10, made an appearance on ABC sitcom At Home With Julia and, reached out to young Unreal Australians by appearing as the Slime Minister at the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. 


Live appearances from The Unreal PM are much sought after and her live show, An Audience with the Unreal PM, proved to be a sell-out. Julia Spillard is also an accomplished guest speaker and emcee and has performed at a number of political fundraisers and high profile corporate events such as the opening of the Veuve Clicquot bar at the National Gallery of Australia.


Julia Spillard continues to tweet regularly and upload videos the very day the big issues hit, covering everything from Kevin Rudd’s swearing video to the recent Re-Spill. "The Unreal PM" was recently named the most clicked-on video for SMH Online twice in one month. The Unreal PM is now busy developing new Unreal plans and policies for the 2013 Federal Election, based on the conviction that we are all Unreal Australians who aim to make Australia more Unreal by taking action on our Unreal ideas.

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