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Acousticapella covering the world of contemporary groove to rock n roll's classic hits. From the seventies to the new millennium covering songs from John Lennon to John Mayer. With acoustic guitars, soulful vocals and exhuberant performance. The concise and moving musicianship of ACOUSTICAPELLA really can set a party on fire, create the right atmosphere for a dinner dance or a romantic dinner show in any format in any venue from Cafe to larger Casino and Resort Hotel. Music transcends all language and cultural barriers and John and Luke are all about musical diligence and audience entertainment.


LUKE KOTERAS has a unique vision, dedication and talent for writing and playing songs that are musically dynamic and uplifting yet introspective at the same time. 'ACOUSTICAPELLA' contain sweeping acoustic rock tunes vocal and instrumental that are reflective of today's busy way of life. Luke's musical honesty and virtuosic dexterity on guitar, resonates through the diverse collection of songs presented by ACOUSTICAPELLA. 


JOHN BROWNRIGG has been known to leave people spell bound with his soulful rock voice. He's been described as a cross between BB King and John Mayer. To him singing is life and that's reflected in his music. A session singer, live performer, song writer and a rocking jazz, blues and soul musician of many years experience playing across the Globe from Liverpool England to Darwin Australia.  In the 80's, he was voted the best tribute to John Lennon 'IMAGINE THAT' when John performed at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool UK,


Now the fruition of all his experience is presented as the other half of ACOUSTICAPELLA.  JB quote: "I love classic blues roots rock and great guitar players so for the first time in years I've recorded an album of my favourite songs with my favourite guitar player, Luke Koteras. All songs have that honest feel of enjoyment we feel when playing them, that is in part jazz in part blues and all classic soul". 


Enjoy the diversity of ACOUSTICAPELLA, enjoy the artistry and yes simply enjoy the music.

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