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The Beats Workin' Barbershop Quartet has been performing for over 10 years, giving a humorous, interactive program which incorporates standard barbershop setups with audience engagement in sing-along songs.

The wide-ranging collection covers favored songs from past and current. The Quartet is known for its creativity in creating new lyrics for any event.

Beats Workin performs at a wide array of locations including, but not limited to, retirement home, bistros and occasions such as the St Patrick's Day Parade, Mothers Day at the Mean Fiddler and Scarecrow Day at Milton.

Beats Workin's skills likewise include busking and they took second prize in that group at the Henry Lawson Festival at Grenfell in 2003.

Beats Workin' is connected with the Sydneysiders Express Barbershop Chorus and in conjunction with the Chorus, the Quartet raises money via their performances on behalf of the Oncology Research Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead NSW.

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