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BikeBoy is severe enjoyment at its ideal!

World-renowned street performer Sean Bridges (aka BikeBoy) incorporates amazing bicycle stunts, outstanding balancing techniques with his spontaneous, wacky humor to create an exciting, fearlessly amusing show.

BikeBoy learned his skilled capability at Europe's biggest circus and largest theme park and via performing at the extreme games.

BikeBoy has dazzled audiences from around the world throughout his profession. He has experience on a variety of stages, however BikeBoy discovers street performing his most interesting difficulty yet.

His impressive performance, high energy and breath-taking stunts always leaves audiences chuckling and preferring a lot more.


Bikeboy is the world's only juggling trick cyclist comedian and here's why:

  • Circus Bikepole - A spinning silver bike: 14 feet in the air!
  • The somersaulting Bicycle - A Bikeboy original design
  • Chainsaw Handlebar Balance - Standing on the handlebars juggling a running chainsaw
  • Double Trouble - Riding on the seat & handlebars in circles while juggling knives
  • Tailwhip Bunnyhop - Seeing is Believing!
  • Comedy and Improvised humour - Including the hilarious "Toilet Paper"

Bikeboy performs these and many more bike stunts at ANY venue!

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