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Neon Dance was created by an engineer, visuals designer and dance enthusiast.

His interest and techniques for electroluminescent outfits has made Neon Dance one of the most reputable neon performance groups worldwide.

Neon Dance develop a distinct performance for each customer, based around their style, staging and projection requirements.

The creative programs available range from entirely redeveloped outfits, graphics, choreography and popular music to a basic logo or slogan insertion to an existing show.

The technological requirements of shows range in intricacy, from a simple dark area, to a multi-projector surround sound laser set-up.

Neon Dance have established their very own cordless microprocessor based computer link in between the costumes, graphics, sound and props. This gives the dancers the perfect timing needed to create stunning shows.

Neon Dance can even produce a glow suit that matches flawlessly with a client's suggestions for a certain event or campaign.

They can also personalise their existing outfits to include company logos or essential features.

Neon Dance have experience with LED, Elwire, and Laser technologies and know ways to integrate them in to tough clothing and sculptures.

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