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AS SEEN ON ‘60 MINUTES’, ‘SKY NEWS’, ABC, Seven Network, Channel 9, WIN TV & more!
In the uproariously funny and clever double take on your business.

See the ‘Politically Incorrect’ versions of Julia Gillard v Kevin Rudd in the uproariously funny and clever double take on your business.Get the spin to get them in - from the ‘dynamic duo' of office politics.

First, - Kevin 2.0, also known as ‘Kevin 11’, ascends the stage, - a carbon (taxed) copy of the obsolete ‘Kevin 07’, leveraging this opportunity to communicate a heads up on your company, association or industry.

As K. Rudd himself says; “It’s all about being a team player, - even if it’s a one-man team.”

“My mission statement may be in Mandarin, but my SWOT Analysis is sensational!”

This Kevin Rudd will give a fair shake up of your re-source bottle!

He’ll tell you which of your executives and guests he would put in his next cabinet, - and why!

 To quote K. Rudd:

“How do you start a small business? Just buy a big one - then ask Wayne Swan to run it!”

Next; - Corporate comedy imitates politics as Kevin’s time is cut short. He walked in a diplomat to walk out a doormat!

Julia, (pronounced ‘Jewel-ya’) crosses the floor to the music of ‘Advance Australia Fair Shake’ to replace Kevin.

He likes his “Yes men” but she trusts her “No’s”. Her style - stunning. Her elocution, - unique.

It’s Time! - for OH&S when we hear, (now read aloud to sound Prime Ministerial) - ‘Jewel-ya spoyk’.

Jewel-ya saze… “Gawd oy-ve-ning. Oy-am hoya ter disc-arse cha-hayn-jing yaw-ah core-prit cloy-met.”

Spin Translation: ‘Good evening. I am here to discuss changing your corporate climate.’ Australian: ‘It’s a Tax!’

“Hair ter ‘nee-go-sea-ate’ ho-fiss poller-tix.” Spin Translation: How to ‘nego-see-ate’ office politics.

Australian: ‘Who attacks!’

“Trarse moy. Oym royt bee-hoynd ya.” Spin Translation: Trust me. I’m right behind you.

Australian: ‘Those sharp points in your back ain’t tacks!’

When it comes to ROI, economics and budgets, she has the right question…

“Duzz me boar-term loin la-hook beerg oyn the-hiss?” … Does my Bottom Line look big in this?

For your next BIG party conference; - or better still, your conference party, convention or exhibition…

• relax everyone at the start of a day’s session or

• entertain them at dinner

For the healthiest stimulus, use this tailored special event liberally.

As Jewel-ya saze: “Oy-ven Toe-knee wool peace hymm sa-helf!” Australian: Even Tony will p*** himself!

Politically Incorrect?

- the perfect ‘ice breaker’ or feature entertainment.

Vote for them now, before your party’s over.

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