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The hillariously funny 'Politically Incorrect' versions of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd!

Politically Incorrect the intensely funny and smart double take on your buisness has been featured on 60 Minutes, Sky News, ABC, Seven Network, Channel 9 and WIN TV.

This dynamic duo of office politics is perfect for corporate functions, milestone parties, awards nights, company dinners, conferences, product launches and exhibitions.

They can also deliver tailored comedy for official openings and keynote addresses or they are perfect as surprise VIP guests to your gala event.

Vote 2 for carbon (taxed) copies of the funniest twosome in Australia!

Whether your organising a VIP Roast or you’re planning a team bonding conference, the wickedly funny view of your business industry cuts through quicker than Julia’s kitchen cabinet knife!

There are Julia Gillard impersonators and Kevin Rudd impersonators but corporate comedy imitates politics when ‘Jewel-ya’, who is much more than a Julia Gillard impersonator crosses the floor at your corporate event to the music of ‘Advance Australia Fair Shake’.

It’s Time for OH&S when we hear, (now read aloud to sound Prime Ministerial) – ‘Jewel-ya spoyk’:
“Gawd oy-ve-ning. Oy-am hoya ter nee-go-sea-ate roy-guarding the core-prit cloy-met.”
Spin Translation: ‘Good evening. I am here to negotiate regarding the corporate climate.’

The Kevin Rudd impersonator of Politically Incorrect looks so much like a carbon (taxed) copy of the obsolete ‘Kevin 07’ it’s scary! – and hilarious.

Kevin arrives as your surprise VIP guest speaker to officially open your event and use the opportunity to communicate his policy for your guest of honour, company, association or industry; and at the same time revealing his true opinion of Julia.

Within ten minutes the laughter is interrupted by a phone call from Julia, who arrives to declare that she and ‘Kevv-oy’ have ‘buried the hatchet.’

“Yes it’s right here,” says K. Rudd pointing to his back. “Next to the dagger she buried there last year!

When it comes to starting a business, Politically Incorrect has the answer;
“Just buy a big one – then ask Wayne Swan to run it!

The current political scene with Kevin and Julia sniping at each other, however, is just a short introduction to the tailored presentation; when ‘Kevvy’ will give a fair shake up of your re-source bottle to tell you which of your guests of honour will be given ministries in his new cabinet, – and why!

As K. Rudd himself says; “It’s all about being a team player, – even if it’s a one-man team.”
My mission statement may be in Mandarin, but my SWOT Analysis is sensational!”

Between them, the ‘Politically Incorrect’ carbon copies of Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd will give you all their politically incorrect reasons for their new policies and invite questions, but in keeping with traditional policy, will answer their own.

Julia and Kevin interviewed for ‘Sunrise’ on Seven Network

‘Politically Incorrect’ is the funniest ‘stimulus package’ that you can count on as disapproved by both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

‘Politically Incorrect’ has all the dynamics of political intrigue, senior management and the battle of the sexes.

Julia and Kevin are like a married couple who want a divorce, but each one is afraid of what it would cost them.

They are as absurd as each other, they need each other, they will always be with each other, – and you can’t help listening to their conversation because it’s always comical.


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