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Take an extremely skilled English gentleman juggler and wed that man to a Kazadorian * ranch girl that with questionalbe means found out contortion, who additionally has a distorted understanding of the English language, hang around 25 years and then you obtain the Kiki and Pascal experience.

An entertaining performance regarding the trip of an extremely unlikely couple that will make you laugh uncontrolably.

Kiki and Pascal invite you into their lives with a set of lovely and extremely proficient selection acts featuring:


  • Singing
  • Juggling
  • Contortion and
  • Magic

They look great, they are really hilariously funny, remarkably talented and they might also make you sob ... ok that only works on people that weep during toilet paper commercials.

Kiki and Pascal assure to offer you a superb time, amazing all the senses, including the one that makes you groan.

This program makes you feel part of something excellent and makes the world a brighter place for 45 minutes.

Do not miss it, cause everybody will certainly be discussing it, yet they will not be able to describe it!

* Kazador is a small European nation, so little that because Kiki left it, she can not discover it again. It is like they took it clean off the map.

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