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Entertainer & Mentalist, Anthony Laye packs a punch to the sub-conscious. Blending psychology, suggestion, sleight of hand and showmanship, Anthony can seemingly predict and control human behaviour, leaving audiences questioning his very own statement of "I am not Psychic"

From a 30 minute mind reading show to Anthony’s full show ‘An Evening Of The Unexpected’ you will be booking a sophisticated and breathtaking performance, treating the audience with respect and intelligence leaving them intrigued and inspired. Delightfully witty and phenomenally talented Anthony presents a ground breaking form of entertainment taking the audience on a thought provoking journey. Not a one-man show, but one man assisted by a cast of many because the audience are as much a part of the show as Anthony himself.

‘Quite a bit of the unexpected and a whole lot more of the unexplainable’




Imagine if you will, having thoughts seemingly plucked from your head or having your actions predicted before you make them.

Using a subtle blend of psychology, misdirection sleight of hand and showmanship, Anthony has developed an entirely di!erent kind of act that makes his audiences question, ‘what is he actually capable of?’
People will laugh and shake their heads in disbelief, some people will be shocked to silence but one thing is for sure, Anthony’s performance touches his audience on a personal level, leaving them thinking, ‘if mind reading is possible it must look like this.’

Whatever hospitality plans you have for your next event, having Anthony perform up close and personal will get guests talking and creating a buzz, generating a memorable event that will be talked about weeks, months even years later..

Cocktail party to a Gala Dinner, Anthony will move freely between your guests, interacting with each other building new relations and strengthening existing. With a sophisticated and professional approach, Anthony treats his audiences with respect and intelligence ensuring they feel empowered not alienated.

Unique and powerful... a new level of entertainment has arrived"

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