Jazz Musicians For Hire In Sydney

Jazz, was created from a combination of African and European music traditions. Its birthplace was among the black communities in Southern United States during the 20th century. In the current day, Jazz can be difficult to define because of its expansiveness throughout history. Over the last 100 years it has evolved and developed into different styles, although its premise remains the same, to bring the joy and enlightenment of music into peoples lives.

Today you can find many different styles of Jazz and numerous ensembles such as Jazz Dixieland Bands, Jazz Big Bands, Instrumental Jazz Acts, Swing Jazz Band, Jazz Duos and Jazz Trios to name a few.

Jazz is suitable for events such as weddings, corporate functions and cocktails parties. It is especially suitable for theme nights, like gangster balls and 1920-30s events.

The smooth sounds of a Jazz guitarist or a Jazz pianist can set the mood for your party. But to get that big Jazz swing sound you will need to hire at least a Jazz quartet.

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