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Gypsy Jazz Bands Sydney can be performed as a duo or a trio.

Created in Nov 2005, the Gypsy Jazz Band show has been seen at the Burwood Festival 2005/06, Castle Towers shopping centre, Ryde-Eastwood club West Ashfield Club, Dural Country Club, Asquith Club, South Junior RSL club, Parramatta RSL Club, Marconi club and many more...

The Gypsy Jazz Band Trio is available in roving format and consists of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, magic tricks and other gags, accompanied by violin and piano accordion delightfully synchronised improvisations.

These three cheeky bards will woo you with their charm and captivate you with their unique spontaneity as they use their considerable talents to weave a brilliant dialogue of comic wit.

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