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In the world of show-business, there are many great acts who belong in the category of “Entertainer”. Paul Griffith is without a doubt one of the classiest, most deserved performers of such a special club anywhere in the world.

With a career now spanning over 21 years on the international stage, Paul has performed for millions of people from all corners of the globe, establishing

himself as one of the finest voices to ever sing a song as well as being regarded as the consummate professional. From humble beginnings as a country dance band singer, on up to the ranks of jazz singer with some of the

finest jazz musicians in Australia, Paul soon became known as the “King of Cool” among his peers and has always been the musician’s choice of singers when needing the real thing for jazz concerts and big band extravaganzas! As his popularity grew, so did the need to appeal to a broader audience. Without any hesitation, Paul pursued the road to Cabaret and inside three months, became one of the hottest acts in Sydney and surrounds.

Working with the finest musicians, his reputation for the most incredible repertoire in addition to the best arrangements of any performer in Australia, Paul soon passed club land into the corporate entertainment scene, followed soon after in 1998 onto some of the most luxurious cruise liners of world! Paul also appeared at the famous Aladdin Casino Resort Las Vegas-Nevada for a three month contract.

As a performer, Paul has often been compared with legendary names of show-business such as Bobby Darin; Vic Damone; Jack Jones; Mel Torme` and more recently was noted as Australia’s equivalent to Steve Lawrence. One of his favourite moments on stage is when at different times, he also pays homage to fellow Welshman, the iconic Tom Jones, which is always a magic hit with any audience!

With a style reminiscent of a bygone era, his energy, his charm, his charisma and incredible stage presence, Paul is one of the most sort-after singers in the world of variety entertainment. With multiple routines at his disposal, prepared for up to 17-piece Orchestras, Paul is a singer with a reputation for perfection, unlike like any other act on the circuit today.

His music genre and variety is one of which takes an audience back to a time when a crooner would melt your heart like ice cream in the Florida sunshine, when cool was at it’s coolest and when a song could define a moment in a lifetime.

From New Orleans to Broadway; from London’s West-end to Las Vegas, he will interpret some of the masterpieces of Bernstein, Sondheim, Roger’s & Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Brothers Gershwin and more, whilst stamping each song as if it was written for he alone!

Some of his most memorable moments to date have been sharing the stage at different times with Super- stars,TonyBennett,DavidCopperfield,MarvinHamlishandworkingwithpianovirtuosoGeorgeShearing.

Some of his favourite colleagues are superb entertainers with whom Paul often works, such as Mickey Finn; Marty Brill; Doug Mattocks; Ian Cooper; Jennifer Green; Annie Frances; Wayne Scott Kermond and his best friend, the incredible comedy/variety act Syd Heylen Junior.

There’s no doubt, wherever Paul appears, people of all ages will surely attend and the finest performance is absolutely always guaranteed. It has been said:-

“ Paul Griffith is without fail, the best friend a song can have....!” 

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