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Acoustified perform all time favourites in an acoustic setting.

Comprising of vocals and guitar the duo can customise their music and repertoire to fit your special entertainment needs.

 Acoustified are suitable for all occasions including weddings, corporate events and private functions.



When people used to ask me
"What do you want to be when you grow up Krystie"
My response was always...
"A Somebody"

I guess i always believed in magic and possibility.
The pizzazz, glamour, bling, heels, costumes, makeup and everything ‘Showbiz’ excites me!
I love everything from burlesque to Hip-Hop,
stage lights to candles!

At 21 I made the break into the music scene,
snapping a lot of attention from the Sydney industry through performing for the international star- UK rapper Labrinth,
supporting national DJ tours,
featuring on the Sony Vevo Upcoming artists YouTube Promo,
performing with some of Australia’s top X-Factor contestants
and many more achievements to date.

With Krystie Steve’s grandfather a well-respected Opera singer- Josiah Erickson and Father a talented Blues Singer- Stephen Erickson
her powerhouse vocal range and unique tone captures her listeners,
her natural 'performer' instinct on stage is something that can’t be taught to an artist, she is electrifying to watch.
Having performed at some of Australia’s most iconic venues
she is a well-established artist throughout the industry.

"This is my life, i love every moment i get to spend with music, its my best friend, my motivator, my love, my attraction, my addiction" she says.
Music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember.
Heading for bigger and better things, soon to be launching her
long anticipated EP with her kick-ass single,
Krystie has her eyes set on her vision for the big stage!

Her Heart:
Founder of 'The Tiger Print Experience' Krystie has had life changing experiences in her own life that has lead her to creating a platform for those in need.
Her goal is to help those suffering depression and mental illness and also support men, women and children who are disabled through the magic of music!
Creating events, festivals and a place to call home.
Music has an extreme power when the right song hits the right person.
She believes that the more opportunities those people get to be among music that inspires them the most, 
then its those moments that holds the power to change a life for good!

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