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Children Birthday party entertainment

Magician Australia has a variety of magicians to perform at your child’s party which includes dynamic modern and amazing magic that kids will love and enjoy. The show runs approximately 30 minutes with a variety of magic tricks with professional routines lots of comedy and humour, children interaction and audience participation plus the special boy or girl becomes the Star of the show assisting the Magician with some hilarious and amazing routines.

Plus with the Package 30 minutes of balloon sculpturing as the Magician twists balloons into hearts swords,ray guns dogs,kangaroos or whatever the children desire then to finish off with photos with the children. Also this show is suited for children special occasions 4 yrs to13 years.Duration1 hour


Family show entertainment for Christnings,communions,confirmations,etc

Having a christning,communion,confirmation or any type of cultural family event,Magician Australia will find the right entertainment to suit your audience.Are you looking for entertainment to suit all ages from children right up to adults?As for a children magicians their specialty is children entertainment only,though we do have a selection of top line magicians that can work to all ages meaning adults can enjoy the entertainment as well.This type of show is popular with small family occasions in which the magician works to the whole audience with magic and audience participation for kids and adults.Recomended for family special events.duration 1 hour.


School entertainment,Pre schools day care entertainment.

Kids love Magic so why not hire a childrens magician.We have a variety of magicians
that perform at child care centres,pre school and playgroups.A 40 minute show for 4yrs to 6 yrs old with lots of interaction and audience participation finishing off with balloon animals and balloon creations that the kids will take home.Plus teach a trick segment in showing the children a trick that they can show their friends.A great show and a great day for children Duration one hour package or 90 minute package,


Shopping centres.Brendan Montanner. Rated No 1 Best Family show.

Are you Looking for a draw card show for you next school holiday entertainment?
Are you tired of booking the same style of shows time and time again?
Brendan MonTanner performs mindblowing magic,comedy,fire eating and hilarious audience participation that will have children as well as adults laughing and totaly amazed.A show that can be designed for shopping centres.Witness fast pace magic cool music,interaction and comedy routines,a show that everyone of all ages will enjoy. Brendan Mon Tanner has just won the entertainment Mo award for excellence for best family show and childrens entertainment for 2010 competing against the Wiggles and Hi 5.If you want sure fire entertainment for your next school holidays that will attract more customers and children,call Brendan Mon Tanner Australia's Action packed magician.Guaranteed to draw a crowd.Duration 30 minutes to 45 minute shows


Festivals, outdoor concerts, public shows ,club entertainment
Brendan Mon Tanner has a variety of small style magic shows to full scale copperfield style illusion shows to suit festivals clubs,outdoor concerts and all types of family events.His magic shows are dynamic,amazing fast moving and x-treme.Brendan has a variety of presentations to suit any type of budget.So if your thinking about entertainment for children,teens and adults magic to the max show will certainly appeal to everyone.Brendan Mon Tanner's entertainment has won also six entertainment awards for best variety production show between 2001 to 2010 and has also broken a new Guinness world record for the worlds fastest fire eater which will be aired on a new television show Australia Smashes world records airing soon on channel 7 June or early August.Book Australia's Action packed magician for your next special event.Duration 30 minutes to 45 minute shows.


Corporate functions, corporate events, after dinner shows
Brendan Mon Tanner’s award winning comedy magic presentations is one of the most unbelievable exciting and funniest shows you will ever see, you’ll never know what he’ll do next Combining snappy one liners,sleight of hand magic with the most hilarious audience interaction and hilarious ‘off the wall’ magic stunts ever seen. Brendan Mon Tanner has tailor-made his shows to be comedic fast-paced, interactive and most of all entertaining.Nominate and write down the names of co-workers who you would think would be great as a volunteer,the accountant,the company director or even better the boss.Now is the time to involve them in the craziest audience paticipation that you would ever see.This segment of the show is always by far the hit of the night and will have the audience and volunteers in fits of laughter and amazement,though all in good clean fun.The show contains no blue material and is catered for adult corporate audiences.Duration 30 minutes to 60 minutes



Roving magicians for corporate and private functions and cocktail parties

A nice icebreaker for any type of event.A roving Magician performing card tricks,coin tricks, rope tricks sponge balls and all sleight of hand magic with plenty interaction with fun and laughter with your guests. Walkaround roving magic is great for warming up the guests at a cocktail hour or before they enter the dinning room or even entertaining groups table to table before entree and between speeches.This entertainment is great warming up your clients and guests at any type of function,party or main event.People love close up magic because its takes place right before their very eyes and sometimes even in their hands.See more information on roving magicians on menu


Trade shows Product launches exhibition show entertainment.

Ten to fifteen minute performances in trade booths two to three times per hour.Attract more potential clients to your booth. Raise your company profile Blending comedy magic with your product and service.Guaranteed to get more visitors to your sale stand.The best way to meet large amounts of new clients is proven to be through the exhibition industry.This is the only market medium that offers the chance for large numbers of prospective new clients to come to you.Enquire now about our elite team of experienced trade show magicians,
Professional magicians for roving and mini shows.We guarantee to stop people in their tracks.


Adult comedy shows for private functions.After dinner shows

He'll fool you.con you,shock you and amaze you,Brendan Mon Tanner has entertainment with action,danger,hilarious audience interaction and amazing off the wall magic stunts ever seen.This show presentation also has the option of one or two georgous assistants if desired This is a show that will have any type of audience in fits of laughter and amazed.Brendan Mon Tanner also invites some of the members of the audience to come on stage for some crazy audience participation, beware as he might vanish their money,wedding ring or put them in the head chopper.One of the funniest shows you will ever see.Great adult entertainment though all in good fun,clean andnot offensive.


Wedding magician entertainment.engagements special occasions

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.You spend lots of time and money organising every aspect from the venue, wedding dress, suits, cars, menu and lots more Sometimes entertainment is left as an after thought.Entertainment can be the element that makes your wedding reception just another night out for your guests or one of the best weddings they’ve ever been too.We have many years experience in organising the best and most suitable entertainment for weddings.
We have catered for Italian,Maltese,greek,Lebonese,Vietnamise and all nationalities.Entertainment at weddings plays a big part of the night, yet should not take over the spotlight that is on you both.Together, we can choose the right combination and style to suit both you and your guests.Magician Australia has a variety of artists that would suit your wedding,Singers,Music floor shows,Comedy Magicians,Roving Magicians,Fire Eaters, MC"s and more.Please call us on any information you need ,we will be happy to talk with you and help you find the right entertainment for your special day.


Master of ceromonies for all functions and events

Master of Ceremonies for Weddings and Corporate Events.Magician Australia has a elite team on comperes,MC"s and warm up guys to suit any type of event.Our aim is to make sure the programme of the event runs smoothly and on time,also filling in the dead spots if needed with their own kind of entertainment if needed.


Warm up guy comedy compere MC comedian.

Brendan Mon Tanner has a variety of entertainment or shows to choose from,such as warming up an audience before a grand opening or before the official start of a major event or as a MC Comic Magician running the event from start to finish with hilarious side-splitting comedy,heaps of surprises and audience participation in desired time slots during the event and keeping the event running smoothly and on time and incase of an emergency Brendan has backup material if needed if there is a dead spot that needs to be filled during the event.If you are looking for after dinner entertainment Brendan has a variety of comedy magic segments that can be customised to suit your event.

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