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Rachel's hunt for a compatible duo partner started 2010, it wasn't until 2013 that she met Alex Whichello, a gifted guitarist with a bluesy guitar and vocal style. The duo's energy on stage is contagious, putting everyone at ease as they perform hit after familiar hit, covering every genre' and appealing to all age groups.

Their undeniable chemistry is reflected in a performance that puts everyone at ease, the audience soon find themselves dancing or singing along to their favourite tunes. Rachel has produced 3 CD's 1st is "Aperitif" a collection a easy listening songs from Greats like Eva Cassidy, Norah Jones and Kasey Chambers. The 2nd CD titled "TOUCAN was recorded with Eddy Santacreu, her first duo partner and the 3rd CD is a collection of Rachel's original songs titled "Live in the Studio".

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