Solo Musicians In Sydney For All Occasions

Depending on the type of music, instrument and context that it is played in, the smooth tunes of a solo musician can take you away to a special place or can be the upbeat life of your party!

From guitarists to harpists, violinists to pianists or flutists to singers, solo musicians play a range of musical instruments and a variety of musical styles. In fact there is no one instrument or type of music that defines a solo musician. As long as they perform the act alone by playing an instrument or singing or both playing and singing together then they are considered a solo musician.

Solo musicians are perfect for wedding ceremonies, corporate events or even birthday parties, where a full band would be too much or if space is a problem. Solo musicians can play classical pieces for that beautiful wind swept soft solo sound at your wedding, Jazz pieces for more of an upbeat swing sound at your 1920s theme night or even current hits of today.