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Pipers of Distinction is owned and operated by Barry Gray. P.O.D. has three full time pipers and access to another 10 Grade 1 pipers and drummers for week end performances. Barry Gray has over 35 years experience playing the bagpipes and having competed in Grade 1 in Scotland on 7 occasions you can rest assured that his experience is at your disposal.

Barry holds the Australian Pipe Bands Association Advanced College Certificate (1985) and was the Pipe Major / Musical Director of New South Wales Premier (Grade 1) from 1985 – 2006. In his final year of managing this band he arranged a tour of Scotland with 75 playing members who competed over three levels in Grades 1,3 and 4. Many of which he had taught himself from beginners through to Grade 1 competing members.

Pipers of Distinction can offer you guidance in regards to the style of tune which will suit the ambience you are trying to achieve or at which point our performance will give you the utmost effect. But, ultimately it is your event, and we are happy to work in with your requirements and hope that our many years spent as professional musicians can be of service to you.

Corporate Events

We can provide Celtic entertainment for any sort of Corporate event or family gathering. We can accommodate any request!

Bagpipers For Weddings

Pipers of Distinction can provide music during any or all of the following at your wedding service:

Play whilst your guests are arriving on location.
Play the Bridal car up the drive to the church door.
Play the Bridal Party down the aisle.
Play whilst the register is being signed.
Play the Bride and Groom out of the church.
Play whilst the newly wedded couple are being congratulated by family and friends.


Play whilst the guests are arriving at the reception.
Play the Bride and Groom into the reception.

Everyone has a different concept as to what will make their special day something grand. Pipers Of Distinction are only too happy to discuss how we can assist in making your wedding day a musically memorable one.



Track 1: High Road To Gairloch, Jenny’s Bawbee, 72nds Farewell To Aberdeen, and The 79t Farewell To Gibraltar. - Traditional style marches that can be played prior to the bride’s arrival.

Track 2: Here Comes The Bride - Can be played for the bride to be lead down the aisle.

Track 3: Highland Cathedral – A tune often used to lead the bridal party down the aisle.

Track 4: Amazing Grace (duet) – Can be played at any stage of the service.

Track 5: La Bourn – Another Celtic tune that can be used for the bridal party or at any stage in the service.

Track 6: 6/8 Marches – Tunes to play the newly wedded couple out of the service.

Track 7: Jigs & Reels – Lively tunes played at the conclusion of the service whilst friends and family are congratulating the couple and while photos are being taken.

Pipers of Distinction can tailor all of our music to suit the needs of your wedding day. There is no right or wrong way as it is your wedding day and whatever you require we will endeavour to assist.

We look forward to the opportunity to contribute to your wedding and assist in making your special day a musically memorable one.

If there is a specific tune you would like, please don not hesitate to tell us, if it will fit on the bagpipe scale our pipers will learn it for you if they do not already know it.

Bagpipers For Funerals

Pipers have been used at funeral services for centuries. The Bagpipes can add a special touch to any funeral providing sweet haunting melodies.

In more mainstream performances Barry has appeared as a piper in or provided bagpipes on the following:

One Night Stand – 1983 Movie Directed by John Duigan
The Boy Who had Everything – 1984 Movie Directed by Stephen Wallace
Bodyswerve – Album by Jimmy Barnes 1984
City of Blacktown Pipe Band - Album 1985
Jimmy Barnes – For the Working Class Man (Double Album) 1985
CBN World News Link playing the New Year in upon the Sydney Opera House 1988
Over The Sea – CD James Galway & The Chieftains 1991
Live In Tamworth – Album City of Blacktown Pipe Band 1992
The Red Necked Mothers - Album 1996
Highland Cathedral – City of Blacktown Pipe Band Album 1999
Canberra Burns Club – Caught in the ACT Album 2001
HNVPB MacLean Highland Games 2009
China 2007
China 2007
Guilty As Charged – City of Blacktown Pipe Band Album 2002
Celebrate Celtic Style – City of Blacktown Pipe Band Album 2004
John Farnham / Tom Jones T our DVD 2005
John Farnham with the SSO at the Opera House DVD 2006i
Tattoo Spectacular DVD 20072
Frank and Daz Take On The World." 2007 Directed by Bevan Childs
Gumnutz Television Christmas Movie. 2007
Sarah MacLeod’s 2008 CD for the song “RULES”.
Through Saltire Glass’s – Hawkesbury City Pipe Band CD 2008
World Pipe Band Championships DVD MSR – Fife Constabulary 2009
Bryan Adams at the Sydney Opera House – bare Bones Tour 2011

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