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Sarah began playing the violin at the age of 3, playing in the Sydney Opera House for the first time at the age of 5.

Becoming a member of the famous Australian entertaining group “String Angels”, Sarah began to develop her passion for electric violin and electronic music, delving into composing and arranging backing tracks and turning famous classical pieces into toe tapping crowd pleasers.

Sarah has performed as a soloist in Japan, Korea, Philippines, America, Germany and Austria and as a guest soloist on Channel 9 national television. This year she has performed at the ARIA awards, the iTunes awards, on X Factor and is a member of Sydney Lyric Orchestra. Recently Sarah has given performances in Malaysia, where she played for the royal family and also ex Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and also in Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Darwin.

She has recently performed solo for Bruce Gordon, Lachlan Murdoch, David Gyngell, Leila McKinnon, Len Sampson, Jeffrey Browne, Glen Kinging, Harry Miller, David Aspinall, John Atanascovic, Andrew Loveridge and from the Dragons, chairman Warren Lockwood, Peter Doust, coach Wayne Bennett and player Wendall Sailor.

Sarah’s show is a high impact, attention grabbing crowd pleaser which fits perfectly into any formal event. The act is so original it will have your guests spellbound and talking about it for months.

Another talking point is the instrument which Sarah plays- an incredible Yamaha Electric Violin, which sounds surprisingly like an acoustic violin– apart from the fact that it is pumping through the speakers of your function.

Classical, rock, pop or jazz- acoustic or electric.
Solo, quartet, trio, duo or with backing track.

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