Sydney Duos For Hire

Two people playing music or performing together is called a duo. Duos come in a diversity of line-ups such as a guitarist and a singer, two guitarists, a pianists and a singer etc. There is no rule as to what musical instruments a duo has to play; the only rule is that the ensemble must only consist of two people.

Duos are perfect for a variety occasions including but not limited to weddings, parties and corporate functions. Depending on your function, duos can be smooth and soulful and provide soft background music or they can be hip and up tempo to keep your dance floor pumping all night long.

Duos come in a wide range of genres such as acoustic duos, rock'n' roll duos, blues duos, country duos, the list of duo styles and genres is endless. Duos are perfect for smaller audiences and for creating and intimate environment.

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