Three Person Bands For Hire

Three Person Band otherwise called a Trio is a mix of 3 artists.

3 Person Bands play all kinds of genres and occasionally play a mix of categories, such as Jazz and Classical or Country and Rock.

The category list of a Three Person Band is endless, as is the combination of instruments played in a Three Person Band. For instance the musicians in a Three Person Band could play the exact same three instruments, a range of instruments, or two instruments and a vocalist and so on.

Three piece bands or trios are perfect for wedding events, celebrations and even corporate functions. The kind of Three Person Band you hire will depend on the style of your occasion.

As an example, if you are having a 1920s style evening you may like to select a Jazz trio, for your wedding you may like a classic trio playing as you stroll down the aisle or for your fortieth birthday party you might wish to work with an 80s trio that could play current hits too.

Sydney Bands has such a unique variety of Three Person Bands, the choice is up to you and how you best think the Three Person Band you tap the services of will match your audience.

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