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Bon Jovi will be remembered as one of the worlds biggest rock bands and fans the world over have flocked to their concerts for their high energy rock anthems, powerful ballads and Jon Bon Jovi's charismatic and passionate performances.

Our idea was to recreate a Bon Jovi concert, not just any Bon Jovi concert, but one that encapsulated the spectacle and magic that thrilled us from the moment we saw this extraordinary band perform.

With a career spanning over 25 years and 120 million in album sales we saw the need to recreate the Bon Jovi of today as well as recreating their brilliant high energy 80's era. Essentially giving the audience two Bon Jovi concerts in one.

The cast were chosen and we began the task of recreating every aspect of the bands live performance, analyzing every detail of the music such as the vocal harmonies, the soaring guitars, powerful rhythms and infectious melodies.

We sourced much of Bon Jovi's original equipment as well as Richie Sambora's iconic guitars such as the white “Jersey Star” and the “Wanted Dead or Alive” twin neck acoustic guitar.

Light-shows, sound, and costumes were designed with amazing attention to detail in an attempt to recreate the energy and chemistry between the five boys from New Jersey.

This production began 18 months ago and we wanted to put together a large club show not just another tribute band.

This is much more than a tribute, it’s a reproduction that places the audience in the middle of a fantasy Bon Jovi concert, that converted the non-believers and enraptured the fans.

For many, Bon Jovi was part of their youth, and seeing them in concert still remains one of their most vivid and cherished memories.

"Bon Jovi - The Show" embraces the sights and sounds that "is" Bon Jovi. From ”It's my Life” to “Livin' on a Prayer” all your favourites are delivered in a passionate and powerful performance lead by vocalist and avid Bon Jovi devotee Bret Watts.

Come along and "experience" this fantastic tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time…

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