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Playing homage to several of the most lovely tracks of all time, four professional musicians come together to capture the spell binding atmosphere that every COLDPLAY supporter has experienced seeing them perform live.

The COLDPLAY Show takes the whole Tribuet Show art to the next degree. They think that if you are going to establish a Tribute Band to one of the most successful bands of perpetuity you have to do it right. It has to be as near to the real thing as possible. Don't simply shut your eyes and believe they sound like COLDPLAY, open them and they even appear like COLDPLAY.

The Coldplay Tribute Show are readily available in full electric mode with substantial PA and Lighting gear or acoustically as well too to fit all venues.

The band contains several of Sydney's finest musicians and has more than 40 years of experience combined in the music industry.

With complete duplicate costuming and instruments The Coldplay Tribute Show is the closest supporters will certainly come to experiencing Coldplay live without going to see the actual band.

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