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Meera Belle brings to life those gorgeous vocals and melodic pop tunes in this elegant retrospective salute to one of the world’s best loved singers, Karen Carpenter.

 “Close To You”, “Top Of The World”, “We’ve Only Just Begun” are just some of the hits from the duo who lit up the world with their beautifully-crafted songs. 

A superior show in every way, audiences have awarded standing ovations, stamped for encores and called it:

“..A delight”, “Terrific!” and “Absolutely lovely”.

The Carpenters duo were the Number One best selling group in America between 1970 and 1980 and international superstars. Richard Carpenter's arranging skills broke new ground for contemporary music and the world fell in love with the flawless voice of Karen. Together, they delivered perfect pop tunes enjoyed across all age groups which are still loved the world over today.

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