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You've been there before, but not like this. Seen it before, but not like this. Never before have you ever. . . .seen us, this band, soundin' just as sweet as we can, belting out all your fav Nickelback hits.

The Nickelback show gives you a full 20 song set just like you'd get at the real deal. While the band used the "Live at Sturgis" DVD for inspiration and ideas on how to put it all together, this is a dose of Nickelback that will leave you as exhausted as the band themselves. No cover show before a one set tease, this is as close to the real deal as you'll get with Rods likeness to the Chad being uncanny. The Nickelback Show is the new benchmark for Tribute acts in Australia.

This is a 20 song Nickelfest, showcasing all their hits that will have you singing your guts out from start to finish. Whether you love Nickelback for the catchy radio tunes, or you're into the hard and heavy rock, the Nickelback show has you covered. 

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