ABBASBACK ® International Tribute Sensation

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It is no wonder that ABBASBACK ® are being quoted as:

"Australia's new No.1 all ABBA Tribute Band"Everything about ABBASBACK ® reflects their aspirations for high quality music and entertainment.

"What we have created is an exciting and vibrant live ABBA concert experience that has nostalgic crowds yelling for more.

ABBASBACK ® has toured around Australia, performing in the major theatres and concert halls including Darwin Entertainment Centre and would you believe, Uluru (Ayers Rock). ABBASBACK ® has also toured internationally including Asia and Micronesia. In 2012, tours of India and Japan are planned.

The performers of ABBASBACK ® bring a wealth of musical and entertaining experience to the stage, with its members previously having worked extensively in party and theme bands, cabaret, musical theatre and TV, both nationally and internationally. Our production crew can also boast extensive national and international experience including work in the UK and USA.

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