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BEATLE MAGIC is a thrilling Sydney based Beatles concept show that brings together the music, image and style of the Beatles career.

Authenticity is what it's all about for Beatle Magic, even down to our 'stitch for stitch' exact replica Beatle suits (made by the owner of John Lennon's original A Hard Days Night suit, purchased at Sotherby's) and identical instruments that the Beatles used.d.

Founding member and band leader Bill Croft (as John Lennon) is no stranger when it comes to the sounds of the Beatles. John, Paul, George & Ringo are his favourite band of all time and he's been performing their hits from an early age. It's Bill's goal to create the best Beatle Show around and he has succeeded!

The Beatle Magic Show also features left handed bass guitarist Glenn Wheatcroft (as Paul McCartney) who can not only play bass, but can also belt out some of the most demanding McCartney vocals without a hitch.

BEATLE MAGIC's debut performance at the Liverpool Catholic Club (how fitting) was sold out within the first hour and was met with glowing reports, a screaming crowd and smiles all 'round. Bringing together excellent musicians, a fun atmosphere and topped with the authentic instruments and equipment of the day BEATLE MAGIC promises to be a great experience for young and old.

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