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Acoustic Trios Sydney B combines 3 larger than life musical minds.

Featuring extensive musical/performance backgrounds blended into one lethal musical force to be reckoned with! Acoustic Trios Sydney B is a cutting edge covers band like no other performing upbeat, emotionally charged songs in a completely innovative way that is guaranteed to have you entwined in every note!

Acoustic Trios Sydney B are available for weddings, private functions and corporate events​.

Acoustic Trios Sydney B available in the following formats:

Option 1 : Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Option 2: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Percussion
Option 3: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Piano/Keyboard
Option 4: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Double Bass, Drums
Option 5: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Synthesier/Keyboard and Drums

3 x sets of Live Music (Duo, Trio or Full 4 Piece Band as requested)
Customisable Setlists + Guest Requests
Full Production Requirements (PA Sound)
Optional Light Dinner Music If requested
2 x Microphones Available for Speeches & Announcements If Required

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