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The Brazilian Party Band transports you from the streets of Brazil, to the Caribbean Islands with all the energy, excitement, colour, feathers and fanfare of Rio De Janieros carnivalé.

The Brazilian Party Band features some of the most exciting entertainers in the industry, with our Latino Superstar crooner and Amazonian Goddess on Vocals, plus fantastic Batucada drummers and dancers, Whatever the occasion, The Brazilian Party Band show will have your guests blown away with their electric performances.


The Brazilian Party Band show is an abundance of vibrant energy comprising of various dance numbers, such as Salsa, Lambada & Samba, performed with an exciting and exotic display of colorful and beautiful feathered costumes straight form Rio . Batucada is energy paced, live drumming that keeps the rhythms pounding & the dancers dancing. Spicy rhythms from Brazil , Cuba , South America and Latin America . Lambada, Salsa, Lambada, Salsa, Limbo, Merengue and Latin Funk are just a taste.

The magnificent colors, sensual sounds & movements are further enlivened by rich passionate emotions, creating the unique carnival atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Perfect for all corporate events, festivals, parties, our show can include audience participation and can be tailored to your request.

Performing spectacular dances to all the beats you can’t resist. The size of the group can vary from a quartet to a 50 piece spectacular. Why not include interactive lessons that will certainly warm up the room? The Batucada and Candombe Drummers demonstrate the hot pulsating rhythms of Brazil .

The beats of the Amazon jungle and a culture that has developed into an art form of its own. This dynamic ensemble will invigorate your guests with their high energy performance.

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