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Sydney Didjeridoo Players Sydney - Traditional Singer/Dancer/Artist - Musician And Teacher

Sydney Didjeridoo Player belongs to the Kuku Nyunkal bubu bamanga. (The people of the Black Cockatoo mother country). We are known as the sunset ceremonial group.

Sydney Didjeridoo Player was born in Mossman, North Queensland in 1973, it is the land of his kin for at least 1000 generations. Sydney Didjeridoo Player is one of the few professional, Aboriginal didgeridoo players based in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Didjeridoo Player grew up at a time and place in a Australia where being Aboriginal wasn’t something you advertised. That usually warranted unwanted attention. Although having said that, his deep love and affinity for the traditions of his people were instilled by a loving mother and his maternal relatives and have held him in good stead ever since. Spending time with his grandmother’s family taught him the beauty, wisdom and dignity of his cultural heritage that has led Sydney Didjeridoo Player to many interesting experiences, in many wonderful places, with many beautiful people.

Sydney Didjeridoo Player has accompanied many artists from a wide range of genres at a variety of venues. From performances with Australia’s premier jazz musician James Morrison at the Sydney Opera House; playing alongside Charlie McMahon; performances with well known Aboriginal musician Frank Yamma at Fox Studios in Sydney; playing with Djs at night clubs; performances at Kirribilli House for the Governor General of Australia (2011 and 2010); didjeridoo performances for Hettie Perkins at The “Art and Soul” Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW and solo performances at Boardi Space at Peats Ridge Festival.

Sydney Didjeridoo Player is available for corporate events & private functions.

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