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Marsala is one grouping of some of Sydney’s best professional musicians. Each member of Marsala has an independent career covering a diverse range of interests within the music industry. This includes regular recording session work, contracts with advertising companies, production of original music, national and international tours, and film and television appearances.

As musicians the members of Marsala band are ultimate professionals. As people and as artists they put their hearts and souls into every performance. To be able to create a feeling and project it to an audience is not only the result of years of study it is also a whole-hearted wish to give something special to the audience.

The band cover some of the best music from Cuba, Colombia, Brasil, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Zimbabwe, Senegal...They do Gypsy Music, Tango, Salsa, Samba, the African Township thing, French Rap, Italian Jazz, Tom Waits songs, Russian Folk songs... anything to make audiences feel passionately and dance beautifully.

Marsala are suitable for private functions, weddings and corporate events.

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